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Snow Daze NE IPA

ABV 6%

NE IPA hopheads rejoice // Snow Daze has arrived with irresponsible additions of Amarillo and Simcoe dry hops. You’ll find virtually Zero IBUs (bitterness) in this juicy, hazy IPA.

Sastrugi Sour

ABV 5% 12 IBU

Belgian inspired sour, brewed with our house lactobacillus culture and a select blend of traditional European malts and hops.


Parallel wavelike ridges caused by winds on the surface of hard snow. Especially in Polar regions.

Base Camp Scotch Ale

ABV 7.5% 30 IBU

Place yourself in front of the fireplace at the ski cabin reading your favourite leather bound book sitting in a wingback chair sipping on Base Camp Scotch Ale. This rich, complex ale is brewed with European hops, Roasted Barley, Peated & Smoked Malts providing endless layers of flavour. Enjoy!

Sea-To-Sky Fresh Hops

ABV 5.0% 40 IBU 

Brewed here with 8 breweries around the Sea to Sky including Backcountry, Howe Sound, A-Frame, Whistler, Brewhouse in Whistler, and the yet to open Pemberton Valley Beerworks and Back 40, in a Fresh Hop Hazy Pale Ale where the Lillooet Organic Cascade hops were harvested and used inside 4 hours for a beautiful unrivalled fresh taste.

La Petite Dank IPA

ABV 6.0% 85 IBU

Artisty is found lurking in the shadows amongst the dankness. Columbus, Mosaic and Simcoe hops combine to create the funky, resiny, pungent lil beauty hop-bomb with balanced candy-like residual sweetness.

Forecast West Coast Pale Ale

ABV 5.6% 30 IBU

Forecast gives us a peak into the future where fairer days breed serious mountain Apres sessions. The incredible Amarillo dry-hops here add tremendous, beautiful fresh-squeezed juice like character.

Field Guide Ale

ABV 5.25% IBU 30

German and English specialty malts provide a beautiful body of biscuits, crackers and light caramels.

Day Dreamer NE IPA

ABV 5.5% 15 IBU

Beautiful hazy, juicy goodness with notes of tropical fruits and citrus throughout. Brewed with generous additions of Canadian flaked oats, flaked wheat and tremendous late and dry-hop additions of Citra hops.

Alpenglow Blood Orange Sour

ABV 4.5% IBU 25

Alpenglow Blood Orange Sour is one of our favourites, lightly soured with our house Lactobacillus Culture. It’s infused with Blood Oranges and thoughtfully Dry-hopped with Mosaic then aged to perfection.

Wild Creatures Rustic Farmhouse

ABV 5.5% 25 IBU

A Rustic American-styled Farmhouse Ale brewed with a mixed fermentation of Saccharomyces and Brett C. adding earthy, black peppery notes. Rye grains compliment with spice, and Mosaic dry-hpping adds a touch of rose, blossom and fruit.


Hammer Coffee Porter

ABV 5.0% 30 IBU

We teamed up with Chrissy and Mat from Hammer Coffee Roasting here in Whistler, to brew this robust, caffeine rocket fueled English Porter. Dry, roasted qualities with notes of chocolate and caramel balance effortlessly against the abyss.

Kahuna Hazy Pale

ABV 5.6% 0 IBU

Super-juice, aged on the fresh fruit of pineapple and coconuts, then double dry-hopped with ridiculous additions of Mosaic glides this ‘SUP’ along beautifully. Brewed for fun in collaboration with our good friends of Whistler-based Kahuna Paddleboards.

Habitual Drifter Sour Wheat

ABV 4.0% 10 IBU

A Sour Wheat Ale intentionally pale, crisp and tart. Conditioned with our house lactobacillus culture. Habitual Drifter is a nice, light and refreshing wheat ale having no particular group or heritage.

The Surveyor IPA

ABV 7% 68 IBU

Our Signature IPA at 7% ABV and 68IBUs is a massive hop-forward ale, built with solid structure to showcase the hops that shine in this Pacific North West IPA.

Juice Box Wit

ABV 5.0% 10 IBU

This Belgian Wheat Ale is brewed with Pale, Wheat, Munich malts, Coriander & Fresh Orange Peels. Dry-hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo, Juice Box drinks like a fresh squeezed glass of OJ.

Sunbreak Saison

ABV 6.5% IBU 35

Sunbreak is a French Farmhouse Ale, brewed with a select combination of ingredients including Simcoe and Ekuanot hops so incredibly tasty, it’s ridiculous.

Treeline Lager

ABV 4.5% IBU 20

Our go-to, any day Lager, built crisp, clean and tasty with traditional ingredients sourced directly from Germany. Brewed repeatedly in small batches for an incredibly fresh taste. You’re welcome.

Fire Steel Red

ABV 6.0% IBU 48

Our NorthWest Red Ale is brewed with six carefully selected specialty malts and an intense burst of flavour stemming from Simcoe, Centennial & Chinook hops.

First Aid Kit

ABV 3.0 25 IBU

Juicy, refreshing tart ale with a light pomegranate infusion that sparkles. Simcoe and Cascade dry-hopping add beautiful notes of citrus and berries. Sit on the dock, slow down and watch the world go by.

Woodnutt Brown Ale

ABV 5.25% 30 IBU

The Woodnutt Brown ale the perfect fall sipper with notes of caramel, chocolate and a slight hint of coffee bean. Enjoy the Woodnutt with the best of friends right here at home in Whistler BC.


Sunny Daze NE IPA

ABV 6.0% 50 IBU

Here we have a juicy IPA originating from New England in the USA. Brewed with Oats and Wheat keeping the beer as cloudy as can be with a bigger mouthfeel and the bitterness restrained. The aromatic hops shine with Idaho 7 and a old world English yeast strain helps keep everything together.


The Alpinist IIPA


A monstrous hop bomb of epic proportions. Dry-hopped every three days during maturation for weeks on end to create one of the stickiest of ickiest beers on the planet. Columbus, Citra, Amarillo & Cascade hops run the table on this one.

Bonfire Stout

 ABV 5.6% 32 IBU

Winter is upon us, it’s due time for a solid, dark and foreboding Stout. Bonfire is rich, bold and full of roasted barley, oats and chocolate malts with a hint of campfire smoke lurking in the background.

Mountain to Fields – Field House/Coast Collab – Sour

ABV 4.0% 30 IBU Sour

In collaboration with our talented friends at Field House Brewing in East Abby, together we have produced this refreshing, tart beer with a pithy grapefruit finish.

Double Secret Probation – Bomber and Coast Mountain Collab – Dopplesticke Altbier

ABV 8.6% 39 IBU

For our collab we have a special version of a Düsseldorf Altbier that is higher in alcohol than the traditional German style with a much hoppier aroma due to the use of dry-hopping. ‘Doppelsticke’ means ‘double se- cret’ in German, hence the nod to the Delta House brothers and Dean Wormer’s infamous crackdown. In the words of John ‘Bluto’ Blutarsky, “My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.”


WINNER of SPECIALTY BEER Award at the 2018 BC Beer Awards! 
Coast Mountain Brewing - Whistler, BC

Pemby Fresh Hop ISA

ABV 4.5% 40 IBU

Up in Pemberton our Assistant Brewer Matt and his wife Riva, grew and harvested the hops found in this limited edition beer. Without all the harsh bitterness or alcohol found in big IPAs, here we have low alcohol and little perceived bitterness. Cascade (Grapefruit), Amarillo (Orange), Citra (Citrus) hops shine in our Pemby Fresh Hop ISA.

Coast Mountain Brewing - Whistler, BC

Socked In Hazy Sour Blonde Ale

ABV 4.0% 20 IBU

This time of year things tend to get a little wet outside as the snow turns to rain and puddles gather all around us. Socked-In hazy sour days are here in the mountains with Simcoe hops driving the flavour train with earthy, berry citrus like characters.

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