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Spacegrass Double Milkshake IPA

ABV 8.0% 25 IBU

Spacegrass Double Milkshake IPA is brewed with loads of Canadian malted wheat and oats for a super tHiCc and creamy silky body. Mission Control gave the go ahead for the upcoming absurd amount of hops we were about to fire into the Milky Way. The first wave of whirlpool hops was loaded with Columbus, Sabro and Simcoe followed by a down right irresponsible intergalactic dry hop at 20gr/lt of Galaxy, Sabro and Citra Cryo for a swirling explosion of rocket-fueled candied orange and juicy nectarines, bursting with a vanilla creamsicle space-haze, finishing like a galactic Piña Colada!

Hotdogger Cold IPA

ABV 6.8% 30 IBU

Let’s show off a little with this Cold IPA and huck a razzle-dazzle drop of Enigma, Strata and Sabro hops descending into dank-tropical citrus.

Coast Mountain Light Lager

ABV 4.0% 10 IBU
Brewed repeatedly in small batches with premium Canadian-grown barley and a select blend of Noble hops for a classic take on a Light Lager. Clean, crisp and refreshing is what we’re all after here folks. 

Valley Trail Pale Ale

ABV 5.0% 35 IBU

Our juicy, American-style Pale Ale plays on high notes of sweet fruits, floral and citrus characteristic of famed Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops grown in the Yakima Valley.


Hope You’re Happy IPA

ABV 6.0% 25 IBU

Our flagship juicy IPA has a bright, luxurious mouthfeel filled with heaps of citrus and tropical tones of our favourite hops, Citra and Mosaic.



The Surveyor West Coast IPA

ABV 7% 68 IBU

Our Signature IPA at 7% ABV and 68 IBUs is a massive hop-forward ale, built with solid structure to showcase the hops that shine in this Pacific North West IPA.


Crystal Chair Lager

ABV 5.0% 20 IBU

Our classic golden Lager is deliciously crisp. Brewed repeatedly using the finest barley in small batches with Noble hops for an honest, clean finish.


First Aid Kit Pomegranate Sour

ABV 4.0% 25 IBU

Pomegranate juice is the star of the show. With the supporting cast member being the hop that made hops famous, Cascade hops. With its zesty grapefruit flavour and aromas that pair perfectly together here in the First Aid Kit Pomegranate Sour.



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