Sunbreak Saison

ABV 6.0% 30 IBU

More than any other style, Saison will always be defined by its yeast carrying spicy, fruity flavours and a dry finish. With this in mind, we’ve created Sunbreak Saison which we believe reflects a traditional direction we absolutely love. We grind a lot of Rye and Spelt grains for hints of bread, honey, hazelnut and biscuit flavours paired with Weyermann Pilsner malted barley for a crisp finish. Classic European hops are subtle with gentle floral, earthy, and spicy flavours and aromas. The star of the show is a classic Saison yeast strain from the Wallonia region of Belgium, slightly funky and earthy with a deep spicy bite. Sunbreak Saison is a wonderful food friendly beer, take a 4 pack home and enjoy with Asian or Middle eastern dishes, roasted chicken or funky fromage.

Currently available on draught only.

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