Coast Mountain Classic Beers

Coast Mountain Classics

The Surveyor IPA

ABV 7% 68 IBU

Our Signature IPA at 7% ABV and 68 IBUs is a massive hop-forward ale, built with solid structure to showcase the hops that shine in this Pacific North West IPA.


Crystal Chair Pilsner

ABV 5.0% 20 IBU

Crisp and simple with just a touch of biscuit for a slight tastiness. Vic Secret hops from Australia give a pleasant back note of pineapple and passionfruit aromas. Crystal Chair is brewed with a gluten reducing enzyme.


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Forecast Pale Ale

ABV 5.0% 25 IBU

Forecast gives us a peak into the future where fairer days breed serious mountain Apres sessions. Clean use of Saccharomyces drys out the body, giving the generous dose of Amarillo dry-hops plenty of space to add beautiful fresh-squeezed juice like character. This weeks forecast is looking pretty tasty!


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Field Guide Ale

ABV 5.25% 30 IBU

German and English specialty malts provide a beautiful body of biscuits, crackers and light caramels.


Sunbreak Saison

ABV 6.5% 35 IBU

Sunbreak is a French Farmhouse Ale, brewed with a select combination of ingredients including Simcoe and Ekuanot hops so incredibly tasty, it’s ridiculous.

Treeline Lager

ABV 4.5% 20 IBU

Our go-to, any day Lager, built crisp, clean and tasty with traditional ingredients sourced directly from Germany. Brewed repeatedly in small batches for an incredibly fresh taste.


Fire Steel Red

ABV 6.0% 48 IBU

Our NorthWest Red Ale is brewed with six carefully selected specialty malts and an intense burst of flavour stemming from Simcoe, Centennial & Chinook hops.

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